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Sarah P. is great! She can help coordinate the Owner-pup relationship and really understands the behaviors of the Canine. Also, her lessons carry-over to future growth when 'left with the pup' after her initial training. I would highly recommend allowing Sarah P. to train/coach the canine civilians. ----Nelson D.

Fear Free Certified Trainer
Karen Pryor Certified Training Partner
Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

I offer both virtual and in person (location dependent) consultation and training to help your new puppy or adult dog. My approach is positive reinforcement, relationship based training. 

I am now able to offer AKC Evaluations for Canine Good Citizen and advanced CGC titles! (note that the actual CGC test can only be done in person). 

Initial Consultation:

With every new dog and their human(s), I start with an initial consultation. I will meet you and your dog virtually, at your home location or a nearby park, and spend up to 90 minutes gathering information and assessing your training needs. If you aren't sure where to start,  I suggest booking an initial consultation. 


Training Packages:

My training packages include a training plan individually customized to meet the needs of your dog. Purchasing a training package helps ensure your dog gets the right help and right number of sessions to ensure a successful outcome! 

Gentle Start Package: Helping your newly adopted dog or puppy get started on the right paw! I help set your pup up for success! Sessions focus on helping your puppy or new dog be successful both at home and in public! I use a fear-free, gentle approach to help your dog learn to love exploring their world and train basic skills such as learning to spend quiet time in kennel or pen, sit, stay, come when called, and walk nicely on a leash.

Zen Dog Package: No more sweat about going to the vet (or groomer)! Your dog will be running to the vet clinic, not away from it! I'll help create ways to make veterinary visits as low stress as possible, and even fun! As a Fear Free Certified Professional, I will craft and implement a training plan to help with husbandry and veterinary procedures.

Caring Paws Package: You and your dog learn to be a therapy team and help other people! Imagine you and your dog as a polished team, walking calmly into your first therapy visit with a patient. You and your dog are about to make a positive difference in someone's day! For those wanting a dog to volunteer or work with them to help other people, I offer a customizable package for therapy dog training, flexible to start from where your dog is now to where they will be when they are ready for certification!

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